What’s In My Birchbox- A Monthly Look

At Christmas I was gifted a subscription to Birchbox and recently I’ve been excited to receive my box in the mail, so I thought I would do a few monthly looks at the 5 sample products that come in the box. What’s great about Birchbox is that each box comes with a list of the products, how to use them, and the price for a full size product. The box that these products come in also changes every month, and I look forward to seeing what cute design will be next. I’d like to apologize for the lateness of the post and as such will be beginning with the box from March. So without further ado, here are my Birchbox products for March and April!


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These Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads from Wilma Schumann Skin Care were unexpected as I’ve never used collagen eye pads before. I did not think I needed them since I am only 20. But once reading the back, I realized that they are not just for “fine lines and wrinkles” but that they also reduce puffiness, which I definitely have after a late night. I did notice a slight difference once I used them, but nothing major. Nevertheless, I’d probably use them again if I had an event to go to.

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I love Smashbox products (especially their eye shadow palettes) so it was a fun surprise to find this Photo Finish Foundation Primer in my March Box. It goes on nice and smooth, and I’m pretty sure it has a bit of a sparkle to it (which I think is great for Spring/ Summer time).

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This OUAI leave in conditioner is fantastic! It leaves my hair so soft and it smells great. I’m a sucker for anything that smells good! I have now fallen in love with this brand because of how quality its products are.

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Winky Lux Glazed Lip was another product I’ve never tried before and I was not disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has a sweet scent to it, almost good enough to eat. This lip gloss was called “Coffee Glaze” and it is a gorgeous pinky brown color in the container. Once on, however it has a beautiful shimmery sheer look. I expected it to be sticky like a gloss, but I was delighted to discover that it goes on like a balm, very light and smooth. Use it over a colorful lipstick or on its own, either way it’s so pretty.

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I’ve never used a Dr. Lipp product before so this balm was my first encounter with the brand. It’s tiny (only 0.1 fl/oz) even for a sample, but it goes a lone way. I didn’t need a lot when I used it. I decided to try it on my lips first since it was a colder season and they were a bit dry. The balm is thick but slides on nicely and definitely moisturized my lips. The only other way I’ve used it is to tame my eyebrows, and it works surprisingly well, if a little bit sticky at first.


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Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I LOVE this shampoo from Davines! It smells absolutely divine and it leaves my hair looking amazing. I was surprised by how much came in the sample, but I’m so glad it did because I have been using it for every wash since I got it. It is enriched with olive oil extract, fatty acids, and Vitamin E so that it smooths frizzy hair. What is also great about this shampoo is that when I brush my wet hair, there are almost no tangles and my brush slides nicely through my hair.

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If I loved the shampoo, I absolutely adore the conditioner! I have never had a conditioner leave my hair feeling softer. I don’t often praise hair care products mainly because I think they all do the same job for my hair, but this conditioner proved me wrong. It smells so lovely, like a light floral scent, and I don’t need to use much. This has probably been one of my favorite products I’ve received in all of my Birchboxes.

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I had never used a setting spray before trying this one so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I have to say I did like it. It has SPF 30 and is the Organic Makeup Setting Spray from COOLA. I didn’t notice too much of a difference to be honest, but my makeup did look a bit better than when I normally end the day. One perk I noticed was the scent was nice, not overpowering or chemically. It has aloe vera extract and cucumber along with hyaluronic which is supposed to “boost hydration.”


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As I have previously said, I really like Smashbox products, however I don’t especially love gel eyeliners just because I find that they smudge more easily than others. That was the case for this eyeliner too. I made the best of it though and used it to create a killer smoky eye which it was perfect for. It also stays on incredibly long, almost annoyingly long as I found out when trying to take off my makeup lol. I would definitely recommend the Always On Gel Eye Liner- Fishnet from Smashbox if you’re looking for a good gel liner.


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This tiny little sample perfume was everything one could wish for in a scent. It is the Citron Fig Eau de Parfum from CLEAN Reserve and it definitely is a clean scent. It reminds me of freshly dressed lady about to leave for the gala (if that makes sense). I’m pretty particular about scent, as I’m sure we all are, and I prefer lighter notes that don’t make too much of a statement. This parfum hit that perfectly, allowing me to use it as a subtle addition to my person.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these products as much as I have enjoyed discovering them each month. I’ve never used a subscription service before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But receiving presents in the mail is always fun, especially when they’re a surprise. I was always excited about what would come each month, especially because I am not particularly aware of all the beauty products out there. As I said before, I am a beauty novice so this is the perfect kind of thing for me because it shows me all the products I never would have known about. Plus, each box comes with a little paper explaining exactly what each product is and how much the full size is on the Birchbox website. All in all, not a bad first subscription. Which month’s products are your favorite- March or April?

Ciao for now!


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