My muse is a museum: Boston Museum of Fine Art

My muse is a museum: Boston Museum of Fine Art

I absolutely love museums! The history that dwells within (and on) museum walls just astounds me. I am amazed at how I can look at something today that was created hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years ago. To me, history is the like an eye on a person; if an eye is the window to the soul, then history is the window to the world. Just being in the presence of a piece of art painted by Monet or Van Gogh or Renoir makes me shiver. And the ancient art, well that just completes the whole experience. Some of these pieces were created thousands of years ago, and I like to picture the real people who looked at or used them. It’s crazy to think that someone who lived in the B.C. era looked at the same thing I am looking at in 2016 A.D. That’s why I love history. I feel like it creates a closeness between people and generations that isn’t otherwise there in daily life.

I visited the Museum of Fine Arts and it is just incredible. There are so many beautiful pieces of art there and they are all so different from one another. There are the paintings  by Monet, Renoir, etc and then there are the vases from ancient Greece and the tribal masks from long ago Africa. There is also a room filled with furniture from eighteenth century France and in the next room are paintings and trinkets from the Dutch royalty in the seventeenth century. And in another room, there are American objects from around the time of the Revolutionary War. I could go on and on, but the imagination captures the idea better than the words do so I’ll just let you think about the endless possibilities that museum held. Oh, also I took some pictures so if your imagination can’t quite come up with it, then here are some visual stimulants. (I’m not an expert on art. All the commentaries are my opinions)

(All photos were taken at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA)

img_1117Canal Venice by Pierre Renoir (1881)

This is my favorite painting mainly because I recently visited Venice and it reminds me of the beautiful city. But I also love all the different colors used.

img_1123Mother and Child by Claude Monet

This painting reminds me of me and my mother, and I really like the matching blue on the mother and the child contrasting with the red from the flowers in the background.

img_1125The Pink Cloud by Paul Signac (1916)

I like this one because it reminds me of cotton candy haha and it’s just so colorful and happy


I’d say that these two paintings are worth a lot of… Monet 😉


I like this painting a lot because I felt a kind of calm and melancholy  looking at it. It made me wonder so many things about the woman in the painting.


I just liked the power that this painting reflects… also its huge which kind of adds to the power


This was the room with the fancy French furniture


There are two giant baby heads sculptures outside in the back of the museum. They are named Night and Day… this one is Night I believe (because  the eyes are closed)


This was a mirrored image of the bottles inside… it seemed to go on forever. I thought it made a really cool picture.

I hope these pictures were interesting and beautiful to you. I highly recommend visiting a museum soon, any museum, because they hold so many amazing things, and they are a fun way to educate yourself on the world. In addition, many museums offer student discounts; I got in free just by showing my college ID. And, going with friends always makes for intellectual discussions.

Ciao for now!


First (real) Blog Post… Ever

First (real) Blog Post… Ever

Let me start off by saying that I’ve had a blog before. I was eleven, my brother was nine and our dad decided that he would make one for us. Now, I don’t remember much of the blog other than a strange picture of  my brother and me posing in front of our Christmas tree and a post about my middle school fundraising attempts. Luckily, my dad eventually got bored and the blog disappeared as much as something on the internet can disappear.

I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for a number of years now, but I never quite gave myself the time to create one. I am a big procrastinator, so I would just convince myself that I didn’t have time (while I sat on the couch watching TV). Today, I finally decided to just do it. I love to write and have no problem spewing my opinions to people. And, I’m an English major so a blog just seemed like the perfect craft for me. Hopefully it turns out well and I don’t bore anyone to death. My main goal on here is to have a free space just to tell the world what I think. I consider myself rather intelligent (I hope that doesn’t come across as braggadocious), but I also like to ponder the weirder aspects of the world such as where the idea of the moon being made of cheese came from. I’ll tell you right now, if you’re not a fan of random, then this is not the place for you. I’m big on letting it all out there because it helps me express myself and I don’t like to keep a lot inside. As some people say, I’m an open book.

This is probably a pretty boring first post, but I think it’s important (for me at least) to get out my main purpose for writing a blog. I promise you, I will get a lot weirder as you get to know me. I will also probably post photos of the beautiful places I see. Overall, I will pretty much post about everything from fashion and beauty to literature and politics. So, as my grandfather likes to say…

Ciao for now!